Dealing With Board Directors

Preventive measures are the best method to deal with difficult board members. Make sure that the agency’s goals for board members are clear and they are able to align their vision with the organisation. This helps reduce the amount of instances in which a board member’s opinion is not beneficial. If there is a problem be quick to address it and don’t let bad behavior go unnoticed. Hesitating will only make it worse.

It starts with direct intervention, a one-on-one meeting with the individual that is causing problems. It’s crucial to be calm and professional, yet explicit in the discussion and clearly set out your concerns. If this doesn’t work, consider an intervention in groups with someone the board member respects navigate to this website and/or the chair. You may want to check the Values statement of your organization and/or other documents that govern the organization for words that could be used as a definition of acceptable behavior, including treating people with respect.

Another alternative is to ask for the person to quit the board (ideally, voluntarily or, if required you can do it through a vote in confidence). This will require careful planning and preparation in advance of the meeting or discussion. For instance, make sure you know the most important issues that you want to cover and have an appropriate response prepared. Make sure your tone is respectful but firm. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

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